Sortavala. Embankment and park along Lenina and Parkovaya streets

Best Project of Public Space by Student

About the project
The concept proposes to unite the main parts of the city — the historical center, residential buildings and the park — together through a network of public spaces.
The image of the designed embankment was based on the historical development of the city. Although the embankment is located within the boundaries of the historical center, which was formed in a strict orthogonal grid, it looks detached from the general plan due to its unformed appearance and unclear outline, which is not characteristic of the very structure of the city.
The concept of the second territory is based on the natural context. The territory should become a buffer zone, attracting the park into the system of public spaces of the city. Our task is not to introduce a park into the space of the historical center, but rather to make a transition from an urban environment to a natural one. At the same time, spaces and linear objects should be fluid and smooth, and the closer to the park, the stronger this naturalness should be manifested.

Sortavala, Republic of Karelia, Russia

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Applicant and author of the project
Raisat Alimusayeva and Timur Soloviyov

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Design concept