Consciousness Without Borders

Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project
At the exhibition, Yulia Virko immerges visitors into a bright world of colorful dreams, whereas Anton Gelfand puts them into a space of memory and consciousness they are born in.
Corrugated sheets usually used for fencing protect fragile and expressive world of the mind from outer impact. Integrity and portability of the installation facilitates its readjustment for other venues. On October 15 through November 15, the exhibition is being showcased in St. Petersburg’s Sevkabel.

Thanks to the architectural solution, the Cable Workshop of Sevkabel was reconsidered, its area being almost 4 times bigger than the White Studio of Winzavod.

Winzavod center of contemporary art, Moscow, Russia

Project implementation year

Kristina Romanova, curator, Research Arts.

Author of the project
Ksenia Lukyanova, exhibition designer