Spiral of Universe

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Strength, Resilience, and Adaptability — this is how the city of Mumbai responded to the terror attacks of 26/11. Sharing resemblance to these attributes our design proposal was conceived in Bamboo as a building material (defining the characteristics of Mumbai city that fought united against terror attacks of such great magnitude). Taking inspiration from the spiral of the universe, we wanted to design a spiritual and temple-like space where the user can filter out the noise and chaos of the city entering deeper into the structure to find himself in a quiet and contemplative space to seek solitude. The bamboo pavilion originates from a point moving outwards. Rotational forces originating from the epicenter allow the structure to rise from the ground and develop in a radial motion.

Mumbai, India

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Ronak Hingarh Design Studio.
Ronak Hingarh is the founder of a multidisciplinary design office RH (a+d) that is based out of Mumbai. As an alumnus of Rhode Island School of design, Ronak seeks to bridge the gap between nature and the built environment through his works. Ronak thinks of himself as a storyteller and believes every project has a story to tell. Through his designs, he tries to weave a strong narrative for his projects so that they find their own unique language, soul, and identity.
Project by Ronak Hingarh, Aneri Mehta