Studio Formica

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
Studio Formica was designed to be a ‘kitchen of sensations’. The authorial furniture, developed in partnership with Prima Linea, was inspired by the architects' childhood. This is the case of the Jirau table, which refers to the old jirais and the comfortable chairs Taboca, a Tupi word that means Brazilian bamboo. “By connecting with our essence, remembering moments with our grandparents, we developed the table we named Jirau. Jirau is the most democratic piece of vernacular design. The term, from the Tupi language, designates a structure composed of boards on sticks and sticks, at half height, which serves to shelter and protect crops from contact with the ground and also to dry containers in the sun. The table with an organic top refers to the lakes of the paths, supported by four cylindrical bases of different thicknesses, alluding to the sticks used to support a jirau”. The duo's idea was to break with the rigid shapes of traditional dining tables, adding an air of lightness.

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Applicant and authors of the project
Studio Arquitetônico, Assis Humberto Ribeiro + Marcus Vinicius dos Santos

Formica Brasil

Other participants
Photographers: Estudio NY18, Daniel Mansur

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