Sunriver Holding Sales Center

Best Project of Public Space

About the project
With the design concept of regaining old memories and exploring the future of city, the sales center in Nanxiang shows respect to the local history, humanity and material while meeting the functional and experience need of space. The interior design discovers and refines the historical inheritance to create a rich space experience through modern aesthetic technique, forming a picturesque scene in the window frame.

Jiading, Shanghai, China

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Applicant and authors of the project
Pohe originates from the french word poché, meaning the painted black part of a building. Black is the foundation of design, the core of the team and the basis of human nature. White is the unknown world. On top of the black foundation, we try our best to explore the infinite white — design curiosity, team win-win, and the temperature of human nature. That is, «keep black, know white». The pursuit of art, design and science, to bring beauty and surprise to people and the environment.