Switzerland Park

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The concept of the “Switzerland Park” in Nizhny Novgorod is based on respect for the nature and history of the park, sensitive work with the context, as well as unlocking the potential of the park's natural landscape. The park has 3 pronounced natural landscape zones stretched from south to north: plateau zone, (city park), active relief zone, (mountain park), and embankment, (water park).
The park is divided into 7 thematic zones: children's, central, sports, landscape, memorial, local and resort zones. They organize the park in the longitudinal direction, and when superimposed on 3 pronounced natural landscape zones that form the park in the transverse direction, it creates 21 diverse park atmospheres. The project creates a matrix of functions and landscape, carefully collecting different natural and thematic zones into one comfortable system. The zones smoothly flow into one another, forming interesting and rich routes in the park, accessible to everyone.

Priokskiy Park (Switzerland Park), Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

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KOSMOS Architects is an office collaborating virtually, bringing together partners based in Zurich, Moscow, Graz and New York. KOSMOS designs projects and environments of all types and scales: from a door handle to a city; from hardcore architecture to pop-up art installations. The office combines art and technology, global experience with respect to local context, academic research and practical architecture. KOSMOS Architects received awards and prizes in various international competitions.

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Customer: Administration of Nizhniy Novgorod