Tamanaco House

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
This project arises as a single-family country house with a privileged location in a forest area, near Valle de Bravo in central Mexico.
The architectural solution was defined from two volumes that contrast, but are related to each other, which adapt to the natural slopes of the property by staggering between the ground floor and the upper floor. One of the objectives was to invite the user to explore the exteriors to become aware of the environment and appreciate the surrounding views.
An L-shaped volume houses the social spaces, and based on this function, a refined distribution, and its opening to the outside. The second block contains the rest areas and is perceived as a refuge that emerges from the site.
The interior spaces stand out using the wood and texture of the walls, integrating furniture and related decoration to generate a cozy and warm atmosphere. Outside, the project explores a slight contrast and harmony between its natural and built elements

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
LAX Arquitectura is an architecture and design firm established in Mexico City and Valle de Bravo, founded by Luis Aguilar. His design philosophy considers that architecture is not a single practice, but several intertwined ones. His projects integrate the landscape with the structure, as a symbiotic relationship, where ecology is inseparable from the construction requirements, always with the aim of improving human relations. Part of his style is based on paying homage to the heritage of his re

Other participants
Photographer: MAVIX

Status of the project