IUVA Hotel and Resort

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About the project
This project is a hotel and beach resort with a 65000 sq.m area, a stunning coastal destination with magnificent jungle and many other natural resources. It is located where the main road almost meets the beach, connecting local towns along a corridor. The challenge was to design a joint between the public beach and the road to increase the interaction for the resort residents and Zanzibar people. The site is organized around a landscape element by optimizing the site topography's potentials, which has a 14-meter height difference from the beach level to making a hill as the hotel program. The rest of the functions, such as the lobby, restaurants, and other public spaces, grow on top of the hill like a local village employing local construction techniques. The hotel's entrance on the roadside is a field of shelters occupied by local micro-businesses and related cultural activities. This idea will be interesting for tourists to experience Zanzibar's architecture, culture, and lifestyle.

East Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Applicant and authors of the project
FMZD (Farshad Mehdi Zadeh Design).
Farshad Mehdi Zadeh was born in Isfahan, Iran. He acquired a second master’s degree at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, after which he returned to Iran and established his own firm. Farshad is also active in the academic field, work as a guest lecturer as well as through international workshops and collaboration with architects, instructors, and architecture institutes around the world. Farshad focuses his research on geographically context-based architecture.
Principal Architect: Farshad Mehdizadeh
Project Architect: Naghmeh Kasiri
Design Team: Zahra Fakhr, Anahita Jeyhani, Nima Shoaie, Sahar Gohari

Other participants
Render: Ali Kazemi (kaz Studio), Niloofar Zorehvand