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The client approached us for the design of a plot of about 186 square meters. Maximum use of land density was the main desire of this family of four. So that it has the power to respond to the expectations of users and occupants. The project's location in Isfahan's Marnan neighborhood, which is close to Jolfa, ancient churches, and the Armenian community. How to satisfy the proprietor's needs was the crucial question for us. Our team's innovative work involved understanding the house's semantics and defining its utilities at the same time so that,
ultimately, an architectural space could be created from their usage.
1. Basement: the house was sunk into the ground to create a well-lit garden pit, and it was considered a recreation space.
2. Ground floor: it was considered as a family guest house.
3. The first floor: it was placed for the main
living room and the association of a semi-private spot in the house.
4. The second floor: creating a private space and placing the bedrooms.

Marnan Ave, Isfahan, Iran

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Pouria Ahmadi, born in 1991, is an Iranian Architect and Designer. In 2017, Pouria Ahmadi founded PA Studio Design. In this studio, Ahmadi and his team work on a variety of projects, from luxury residential developments to bathroom accessories, from single-family homes to high-concept and high-tech experiments. In PA Studio, we believe that every project is unique, and it is important to start with a blank piece of paper.

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Pouria Ahmadi

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