Tartu Cultural Centre

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About the project
The building of the cultural center of Tartu — if we are allowed to name it a building — is a complex of gardens. Green gardens and functions at different heights are stuck between walls. Actually, it is a picture of the rich history of the site. Walls define different sequences and layers in the site. This project is defining an inside and outside meaning by inspiring of the subsequent border of the old wall of the city. The old path which is vanished from the site can be resuscitation again and the rest of the ancient castle of the city from the ancient site.
The inside and outside museums are located on the north side of the site. The library is located on the west side, the side which is near the pedestrian with calm atmosphere. on the other hand, on the south and east sides of the site, locating the streets which have connections with urban and hosting city events. on this side, other functions like a cultural complex and art complex are located.

Tartu, Estonia

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Applicant and authors of the project
DAP STUDIO is a design and architectural practice studio based in Tehran, Iran. It started at 1975 focusing on Construction and Engineering and later started its architectural firm. Now after more than 48 years of experience we can provide services in both constructional and design areas but with more focus and architecture and design world and the discipline of architecture.
Project by Leyla Gholizadeh, Sara Sadat Zakernejad, Kimia Ghaderian, Sana Sani, Mahla Ahmadi Kafshani.

Tartu city government

Status of the project
Conceptual design