National Concert Hall “Tautos Namai”

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
How could we create a physical form of identity in the context of a historic city? This was the question that engaged our minds when we started the design. Precisely at the point where the old and new Lithuanian identity collide and meet. How can one construct a building that has survived since 1963, which, in addition to preserving the collective memory of society, does not undermine the truth about history?
In this high hill that prospects a large part of the beautiful city of Vilnius, we have designed a glass cube, preserving proportions of the old trade union palace, while keeping it completely neutral and trying to reflect the city and the surrounding nature. Also, by keeping and restoration of the pillars of the north facade of the old building, the graffiti artwork of Mariusz Waras will remain in the eyes of the audience, using the glass as a garment and dealt with respect of a historical building that matters. Showing “There’s no escape from the past!” to the whole city.

Tauras Hill, Vilnius, Lithuania

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
Alireza Karimi Kolor, born December 21, 1989, is a PhD researcher in architecture. He entered the world of architecture in 2008 and during these years, he has worked with famous companies and architects and gained professional experience. In 2019, he established his office called Mirage Architecture and Research Studio and started his work independently.
Principal architects: Alireza Karimi Kolor, Mostafa Shadkam.
Design associates: Parham Adibpour, Pouya Sanjari, Samira Kazemi.
Design practice phase: Hamidreza Rahmani, Bahar Arani, Kimia Kariman, Atiyeh shiri.
Design Drawings: Ali Marzban, Zahra Salahi, Masoumeh Hajiaghaei.
Rendering: Jafar Shadkam, Shahin Namdar.