Tehran Science Museum

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About the project
Located at the intersection of two principal highways, the Tehran Science Museum is a cultural center designed to become a prominent landmark in the city. Inspired by the contemporary philosophy of science that reflects on incommensurability paradigms, the Tehran Science Museum recreates this logic through spatial relationships. Galleries in proximity function autonomously. Movement does not obey chronological circulation typical to museums. An expansive centralized enclosure gestures to the traditional Iranian archetype of a central sunken courtyard surrounded by various programs. The enclosure acts as a transition between untouched nature and man-made spaces. This network of free-forming interior spaces creates secondary courtyards and is unified by a peripheral ring that acts as an artery, guiding and connecting visitors from all directions to the heart of the project.

Vanak, Tehran, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
Mohsen Marizad is a licensed architect in Iran and a part-time instructor at San Jose State University in California. His experience in architecture includes working in west-coast America and Iran. He taught architecture in many countries such as the USA, China, Iran, Spain, and Romania. He founded Marizad Architects in 2020 in Iran.
Marizad Architects is an architecture firm based in Iran. They designed and built several projects on different scales. They have won numerous international awards.
Project by Marizad Architects in collaboration with Space In Progress.
Design Team: Mohsen Marizad, Nima Nian, Rezvan Kashani, Mojtaba Ghasemi Zadian, Mahmoud Saberi, Niousha Khazeni

Other participants
Project Manager: Mitra Olaye
Graphic Designer: Fatemeh Naeeni fard, Niousha Khazeni, Sajad Kashani
Visualization: Ali Mohammadzadeh

Status of the project
Working drawings


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