Tehrani Stone Complex

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About the project
This project's approach, which is a place to display and sell stone slab products, goes beyond creating a showroom. It tries to give the audience a choice by being in space and sensory experience of using stone material in the building as an artistic object.
The project is an annex to a newly constructed shed, after which the employer intends to add an office, a residential section, as well as an exhibition space. As a result, the connection that the add-on unit establishes with the existing she

Tehran, Iran

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Applicant and author of the project
Saeed Shenakhteh is an Iranian architect. His portfolio includes product design, interior design, and redevelopment. His main field of study involves design processes and problem-solving techniques. he began his own practice in architecture 10 years ago. From 2006 to now, apart from his own practice in architecture, he works in his graphic design office. Also, he collaborated with other offices as a 3d artist. In 2021, he co-founded Shenakhteh studio in Tehran.