The Beehive

Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

About the project
“The beehive” was inspired by the love story described by a Bulgarian writer Oura Love in her book “The bee”. The biophilic design aims to host and nurture the kind of love that changes consciousness and breaks down walls. When it happens, you know your life won’t be the same. Wherever you go, you carry it with you. This love comes to change us, and it is up to us whether it will exalt us or destroy us. Such love gives us the strength to overcome obstacles. When it comes to us, we come into contact with a higher universal vibration. The wisdom is brought to us by the bee which is the link between the earth and universe. Bees are a symbol of hope, purity of spirit, intelligence, social organization and tireless work. Such was the mission of the protagonist Raya – to remind human beings (bee -ings) that we live in a common hive and it is our duty to care for Mother Earth.


Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Rada Daleva, RIBA Part II Architectural Student at the University of Westminster. She has previously worked at Ridge and Partners on the Wind Tunnel for Aston Martin F1 and is passionate about applying the principles that dictate the order and structure of nature to create efficient designs.