The Buda Resort

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Situated 50 km North of Budapest, in a hilly landscape surrounded by lush green forests, near the bank of the tortuous Danube River; the Buda Resort project blends the functionality of a modern spa hotel with conference and event facilities. Our vision was to develop a holistic retreat which fostered a greater sense of togetherness between humankind and the therapeutic qualities of nature.
The Buda Resort design concept draws inspiration from its unique and sacred setting of Dobogó-kő, which in Hungarian means “beating stone”, referring to the heart chakra of the earth.
Based on the idea of a blossoming lotus flower, which is the universal symbol for the heart chakra, as well as refers to the floral motifs found in traditional Hungarian craftsmanship, the design explores the progression of ‘opening up’ — from earth to sky. The building itself unfolds and opens up like a flower from the heart of the building, to its extremities.

Visegrad, Hungary

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The Buda Resort project has been covered among others by designboom, CLAD Magazine, Trendland and ArchDaily to name a few.
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Applicant and authors of the project
From nightclub design to immersive dining experiences and sensory retail solutions for high-end brands; for over 20 years the founder and vision of Johannes Torpe Studios, Danish designer Johannes Torpe, has helped clients worldwide build and strengthen their brands through playful and thought-provoking design solutions.
Guided by the belief that we do our best work when we pursue things that move us, Johannes has worked with clients such as NIKE, Moroso and Argon 18 to name a few.
Creative Director — Johannes Torpe
Senior Architects/Project Leaders — Kit Sand Ottsen, Suguru Kobayashi
Design Team — Karolina Julia Pajnowska, Alice Phillips, Marshall Blecher, Derya Arpac, Beatrice Dinoia, Seina Teramae, Josefine Carstad, Mantas Vilkelis, Allan Sejer
Visuals by NOR3D ( and Johannes Torpe Studios