The Floating District

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About the project
This Architectural Masters Thesis explores the redevelopment in the ancient port of Genoa, which aims to create public space and a mixed use Cruiseship Terminal in a former industrial area. Due to the raised condition we were able to create public spaces underneath and in between each of the buildings, for leisure, public events, and softscape and hardscape spaces along the water's edge. The terminal is a simple C shape which creates framed views of the water and the large atrium spaces piercing through the buildings as people flow in and out. Large industrial cranes suspend the roof recalling the industrial heritage of the site and paying homage to the former use of the site as a shipyard and working waterfront.
Thesis was completed while in Florida International University's School of Architecture. It received the Masters Project Award from the Studio and the 2019 Miami AIA Honor Award of Excellence in Student Design.

Porto Antico, Genoa, Italy

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Applicant and author of the project
Ramses Terrero.
Master at Florida International University, School of Architecture 

Other participants
Mentor — Eric Peterson