The Galoya Tribe Vaddha

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The Galoya tribe Vaddha project is a new public building that will be located on the banks of the Galoya River in Sri Lanka. The restaurant will be designed to be a place where people can relax and enjoy the outdoors, while also providing a unique and memorable dining experience.
The restaurant will be constructed from sustainable materials and will incorporate traditional Sri Lankan design elements. The building will have a large open-air dining area, as well as a smaller private dining room. The restaurant will also have a bar and a swimming pool.
In doing so, the project aligns with its core goals: crafting a sustainable public space that resonates with both locals and tourists, delivering a unique and memorable dining experience, and celebrating the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan culture and cuisine.
the Galoya tribe Vaddha experience celebrates Sri Lankan culture, community, and the beauty of its natural surroundings.

Galoya, Sri Lanka

Project design year

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Hirushan Menuka: as a 3D artist and architect, I likely excel in creating visually stunning and functional designs for various structures and environments. My expertise in 3D modeling and rendering allows you to bring your architectural visions to life with precision and creativity

Author of the project
Hirushan Menuka

Status of the project
Under construction

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