The Grand Alabaster

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
Introducing 'The Grand Alabaster' by 23DC Architects, a luxurious villa in Jalandhar, Punjab. This classical masterpiece showcases a grand and palatial design, emphasizing order, balance, and harmony. Inspired by ancient Greek and Roman structures, the symmetrical columns and arches exude timeless elegance. Surrounded by serene landscapes, the villa offers a tranquil escape. Its sumptuous interiors feature a double-height formal living area, grand dining space, deluxe en-suite rooms, and lavish entertainment amenities like an indoor pool, sauna, and gym. The embellished foyer, adorned with chandeliers, sets a captivating ambiance. The villa's celestial balance of under-arching and over-arching, combined with a harmonious color palette, adds to its grandeur. This majestic residence is a testament to the power of classical architecture and its ability to enhance elegance and grace.

Jalandhar, Punjab, India

Project implementation year

23DC Architects is a team of passionate architects, designers, and visualizers who work together to bring ideas to life. As an architectural visualization studio, we are committed to transforming an architect's vision into a commercially viable reality. Our collaborative approach is built on shared visions, and our team of industry specialists understands the project processes and journey touchpoints required to create stunning designs.

Author of the project
23DC Architects

Other participants
Photographer Atul Pratap Chauhan

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