The Hanging Wooden Tower

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The hanging wooden tower is a concept for 7 levels public building. Commencing from the surrounding environment of the project, the concept, has been chosen to match the wooden forest.
The project consist of 7 levels, each level is a separate unit and has a cantilever to shade other units. Each level ends with an open end to achieve the required ventilation and give a feeling of the height and the air circulation at that point. The different levels are connected and hanged up by 8 big cylindrical columns, the columns also act as a support and a spacer between the levels.
This part of cubism approach is created in order to be improved in the future and start having individual units stacked on top of each other to save land space and reduce the construction time.

Lagos, Nigeria


Kosai Abohala graduated form Damascus university faculty of architecture in 2017
and moved to Lagos, Nigeria the same year. «Architecture is my passion, my goal is to have a special career and put my own mark in architecture world. I have made many concepts which were published in international magazines and many of my designs have been used as teaching materials for architecture students in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Venezuela, Algeria and more.»