The Heart of Chabahar

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Nestled in Chabahar, within the province of Sistan & Baluchestan in Iran, the «Heart of Chabahar: Where Cultural Heritage Meets Artistic Innovation» cultural and art center aims to preserve and elevate the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the area. The form of the center draws its inspiration from the natural environment and indigenous architecture of Chabahar. The distinctive dome-like shape finds its roots in the local Gelfeshans and Kapars, both native to the land, showcasing a harmonious blend of culture and nature. It's a sanctuary fostering a sense of community and connectivity, serving as a communal haven by weaving a tapestry of shared experiences. It aims to be the beating heart of Chabahar, connecting its people to their cultural roots while simultaneously embracing the spirit of artistic innovation and progress, all within a space that pays homage to the beauty of the region's indigenous architecture.

Chabahar County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran

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Yasamin Babazadeh, recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in architectural engineering from the University of Science & Culture.

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Yasamin Babazadeh

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Conceptual design

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