The Iconic Mosque

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About the project
Although the form isn’t of a typical mosque, it impeccably functions like one, satisfying the need for user segregation, directionality towards Mecca, and the most nuanced program requirements. Made up of layered shells, the largest one doubles as a dome typical in a mosque, also as a mihrab pointing towards Qibla, and a shield against thermal gain that shades the building. The resulting experience is as intimate as that of the conventional mosque where you'd seek spiritual haven away from the bustling secular city. Furthermore, the building's sculptural form will pose as a seashell, a pearl, or a monumental Mihrab all depending on how you experience the building while capturing the essence of Islamic architecture with its minimalist geometric character.

Dubai, the UAE

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Applicant and author of the project
Hazem Bassal, an architect looking to explore answers to the question of «What makes good architecture?», all while vowing to uphold architecture's noble mission of seeking social, economic, and environmental prosperity through purposeful architectural contributions to the built environment.