The Island. Public Garden + Civic Center Valencia

Best Project of Public Space by a Student

About the project
The island is a project that transforms into several at once, evolving and varying in scale as it travels the plot with an organic growth, from the degraded urban front to the water of L'Albufera. In this way, the three pieces unfold in length around an axis that breaks on itself to shape the architectural complex, regenerating the decadent through nature.
The context offers us a place where a confluence between the patent degradation of heritage, an unforgivable abandonment of nature and a conscious reproval of the past occurs. Nowadays, many small towns have to face the difficult compatibility between the maintenance of traditional culture and its adaptation to modern times. Moreover, the Albufera Natural Park is in great risk. At this point, a sustainable intervention is proposed as a reaction, in which not only architecture, history and landscape merge, but also that space, place and time participate together in the proposal.

Camí de la Trilladora de Tocaio, 46012 El Palmar, València, Spain


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Applicant and author of the project
Sergio Ortín Molina, Master in Architecture from the Technical School of Architecture of Valencia. Nowadays, student of the Master in Conservation of Architectural Heritage at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He has worked in different architecture, design and landscaping studios, obtaining different prizes and recognitions in his stage as a student such as honors in the Final Degree Project or the award for the best records of the degree.