The Liminoid — Liminal Space Paradox

Best Architectural Project by a Student

About the project
The project tries to translate the philosophy of liminal space into a design one. Discovering the web of what could have been, as a catalyst for a new intervention, reminds us that liminal space is a ritual happening in space and time.
The characteristics that define liminal space are: Transition, Separation, Integration, Aggregation, Layering, Dissolution, Dissociation, Blurring and Abstraction. These can serve as tools to transform spaces and the occupants’ experience of architecture. This experience is intentionally barely perceptible, to make the visitor question the surroundings thus arriving in a very personal endorsement whilst being aware of the transformative threshold between the two distinct spaces.
The resort is the liminoid that sits on liminal space. The building itself functions as a limionid, but is designed based on liminal space principles. As a result from research, the two aren’t interchangeable in meaning, thus in this project they will coexist in a paradox.

Kallm, Durrës, Albania

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Applicant and author of the project
Megi Sinani is a fresh graduate with a Master's integrated degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Polis University. She is from Durrës, Albania and is 23 years old.