The Museum of No Spectators

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About the project
Out near the dusty perimeter of Black Rock City lies a different kind of museum. In contrast to the default world museum experience, the radically inclusive and interactive Museum of No Spectators creates a space for everyone to make art and become an exhibiting artist.
Entering through the decommodified Gifting Shop participants are encouraged to make a gift from available supplies. After this initial experience, these artists enter the main museum and flow through galleries, making art on the walls, standing on pedestals and being the art, or bringing art to add to this outpouring of creativity. The art on the walls constantly changes.
When participants exit, they find themselves on the Theatre of the Participant stage, which opens back up to the vast potential of the Playa and the World beyond. This is the stepping-stone to becoming the change you want to make in the world.

Black Rock City, Nevada, the USA

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Applicant and authors of the project
Form4 Architecture.
Form4 Architecture believes in returning a sense of humanity to Modernism through emotional meaning and poetic design. The San Francisco-based award-winning firm measures success by our contributions to society through a 2nd Century Modernist approach that balances expressive design, rigor, empathy, and sustainability to create captivating buildings and spaces that resonate with people and enhance their lives.
Project by Architect/Lead Artist John Marx and Co-Lead Artist Absinthia Vermut

Other participants
Consultant: Derrick Roorda, Burohappold
Structural Engineer, Lead builder: Jerry James