The Niche

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The Niche, a proposed commercial project is in a prime area of Pune, India. It has been designed with a luxurious yet minimalistic approach. Settle coloured stone, granite, and glass with double height spaces, gives grandeur to the overall project. To break the monotony, double height niches of green spaces have been carved which creates a visual barrier between the busy city life and the workspace. Open planning caters to different working styles and needs of the workers. Pods have been introduced to create semiprivate space, so teams can run extended meetings without disturbing the rest. Plaza space has been proposed on the ground level, which can be used by the employers as a relaxing space as well as by the people living in the locality.

F.C Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Applicant and authors of the project
Alkove-Design is an architectural, interior, and product designing studio based in Pune, India. «Our portfolio includes a wide range of projects: commercial buildings, bungalows, residential and office interiors, and more. We believe in understanding the space and being committed to evolving as an innovative design firm. We develop our designs with the fusion of contemporary, minimalism, and vividness. We believe in developing quality and user-friendly spaces.»