The Oriza House

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
The Oriza House project is located in Gilan known for its mild and humid climate. The project is situated in a land with multiple neighbors, which causes challenges for ventilating in this project. Our team made their best effort to optimize the use of southern light through an L-shaped form. To follow the extroversion of Gilan’s architecture, despite using the lightweight materials such as red bricks and also bright colors like white, we tried to maximize the connection between the indoor and outdoor environments through multiple openings, including narrow terraces. The concrete shell roof, with various slopes in different directions, not only creates a sense of modern living space but also performs well in Gilan's climate. The project's concept, as the name suggests (Oriza), is inspired by the clustered paddy fields of rice, which are the main element of the economy and symbol of Gilan. In order to follow the concept, we tried to use curved forms in the upward outer shell on facade.

Gilan, Anzali free zone, Jafroud-paeen, Mokhaberat alley, Iran

Project design year

existence office has so far executed numerous projects aiming to design and construct buildings that align with the indigenous culture of each region. Our purpose has always been to design buildings that are suitable for the climate, in order to reduce energy consumption and act like a reminder of the regional culture.

Author of the project
Forough Farahmand, Fatemeh Pedari, Zahra Miranvarjooy, Azin Ranjbar, Farhad Fallah, Ali Habibzade

Status of the project
Conceptual design