The Science of Sleep Exhibition

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About the project
The Science of Sleep Exhibition aims to transform intangible sleep science-related theories into tangible architectural elements and interactive spatial experiences. Simultaneously, acting as a fundamental basis to raise the importance of sleep, the awareness of sleep deprivation, and foster the building up of favorable sleeping habits among the fast-paced society of Hong Kong.
The project redefines the use of the existing Qube Hall in PMQ Hong Kong, which creates an enormous framed scene-setting exposed as part of the architectural design of the building, helping to link the narrative of the exhibition to the exterior environment. In terms of the project narrative, the theoretical flow of «Before Sleep», «During Sleep» and «After Sleep» was used as the storyline of the exhibition. Bringing the audience to discover humans' biological clock, internal revitalization during sleep, and the consequences of sleep deprivation.

The Qube, 26 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

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Design Exegesis:

Applicant and author of the project
Cheung Chun Ho Horace.
«After three years of design education and training at the Hong Kong Design Institute and the University of Lincoln, I strongly believe that a spatial designer should have the responsibility to improve people’s lifestyles while transforming “spaces” into “places” that comprise narratives, aesthetics, and functionality.»

Other participants
This project was proposed for the World Sleep Society, one of the projects in World Sleep Day 2022.