The Seeing House: vacation home in Keilan

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
The task is to create a vacation home for a family in a 1000 m2 walnut orchard in Damavand. Given the current garden's abundance of ancient trees, it is decided that no trees should be felled, and an area of about 150 m2 without trees in the middle of the garden, where there was a building with no maintenance value, should be utilized. While the proposed home is expected to be born in a garden, the following design issues is raised: could a house have a view of the garden? If we assume the looking has two sides, the other question is: is it possible the garden also has a view of the house? If this occurs, one will show and the other will watch, and they will alternate positions so that the quality of viewing reveals faces for the audiences. So, the goal is to create it in two ways to anchor the views in the context of natural values such as the landscape of trees, as well as the house. Finally, the house has been created to allow its occupants to view both inside and outside.

Damavand, Tehran province, Iran

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Azadeh Khaki Ghasr, architect and co-founder of Sanaat-e-sakhtan office.
Project by Azadeh Khaki Ghasr & Hossein Pourmehdi Ghaemmaghami.

Other participants
Structure: Hamid Reza Amiri
Mechanic: Mohsen Rezvanfar
Implementation: Masoud Nikooee Fard
Photo by: Masoud Nikooee Fard