The Socio-Cultural Street

Best Project of Public Space by Student

About the project
The site is located in the vicinity of the main transit hub of Vadodara, Gujarat in India.
This area currently acts as a “Vegetable and daily Market” known as a ‘kadak bazaar’ for the city. The market is in a poor condition facing various problems including circulation.
the project is to rejuvenate this market street as a «socio-cultural street» considering the main issues and enhance the existing heritage value.
The main challenges are to develop such a busy area without stopping their current activities. So, it needs some practical solution.
It requires such an idea that doesn’t harm the daily economy of the stakeholders, solving their issues, and add value to their life.
So, the design, structure, construction method, technology should be fast or prefabricated, or easy to erect.
I try to enhance the value which will make an image of the city, and give a new definition to the term “Bazaar”, it should complement in a dense fabric around, and hold the moral of the common man.

Near Railway station, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

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Applicant and author of the project
Shalini Vajubhai Polra.
Graduate in Architecture from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Vadodara. «I believe that the building should behave with nature and humans in a manner. I like interpreting the psychology, responses, character of Organisms through art and architecture.
I have started my practice and working on small projects.»