The Three Comrades


Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

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The action takes place in Berlin (Germany) in 1928-29, in the times of the Weimar Republic, during the lingering period between two wars. The characters who survived through all the horrors of World War 1 came home to find there havoc, unemployment, and originating Nazi attitude.

Robert Lohkamp, Otto Koster, and Gottfried Lenz were comrades-in-arms and have nothing to tell of but the terrible battles. Their future is vague. They live for the moment, dating different women and selling cars, and being rather cynical. When they meet Patricia Hollmann, Robert and she fall in love as if trying to grab on the life that is escaping them, to finally find some sense and essence in it.


Perm Academic Theater, Perm, Russia

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Zinovy Margolin, artist

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