The V House

Best Constructed Private Residence

About the project
The Client’s brief is for a home for seven family members of three generations. The Client’s desire was to have a luxurious home with contemporary design, an iconic landmark in the locality and also a home that can house all the memories, happiness, love and laughter of their children and the grand children.
This project took a major part of our time studying aspects like:

  • natural lights and its behavioral patterns in interior spaces;
  • “Joint family culture and heritage” yet with a con-temporized twist in a well-known Heritage town of Pondicherry;
  • “Building BIG” in a considerably small plot;
  • Training the local-based workmanship for techniques like ferro-cement construction, zero-weight steel fabrication, exposed cement concrete finishing and also about unobstructed visual connectivity between multi-volumes interior spaces.

Projects like this leave behind beautiful and remarkable memories of their making and thus producing an “Elegant Luxury” for a “Shift of Timelessness”.

No 1, 5th Cross, Ratna Nagar, Near to St. Patrick School, Ellaipillaichavady, Pondicherry, India.

Construction year

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Additional information

Applicant and author of the project
Radical Architecture (RA) is a research based design office founded in 2010 by Ar. Mani Vel Rajan. RA draws its inspiration from Integrated design approach. RA is known for integrated planning of schools & villas and also known for Integrating — Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture. We collaborate with clients who share our design obsessions and ambitions.
Lead Architects: Janani Manivel, Manivel Rajan

Other participants
Client — Janani Vedha
Design Team — Mohammad Nihal, Faizur Rehmaan
Engineering — BASE Engineering Services
Contractor — Radical Architecture
Photography — Studio Zero 7