Three Tree House

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
At the entrance a bridge over a stone garden leads to an entry hall nestled between two of the Three Trees that give the house its name. River stones extend inside and cascade under a perforated metal stairs into a reflecting pool that’s integrated to the swimming pool. Looking through sliding glass doors the pool acts as foreground of an ocean view framed by the third tree.At the entry the lack of a clear boundary between indoors and outdoors creates an ambiguous and fluid environment where both merge seamlessly. The pool literally flows in and out of the house.
To adapt to the difficult slope and to upset the terrain the minimum possible, round metal columns were used for the main structure. These columns reach out diagonally beneath the two main decks that extend outwards via sliding glass doors that cover the whole length of the opening. The roofs are inclined planes, like overlapping leaves that catch the breeze and ventilates the indoors.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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Cañas Arquitectos: «We love the tropics and pay special attention to blend closely with as much nature as our clients are comfortable with. In our tropical Costarican climate, architecture must provide for outdoor living that blur the boundary between the indoors and outdoors. We believe in site specific designs to create a deeper sense of place and consider passive eco-systems before “high tech” solutions.»

Author of the project
Architectural Design: Víctor Cañas, architect, Hon FAIA
Design Team:  Andrés Cañas and Sara Araya architects


Other participants
Structural Engineering: Sotela Alfaro Ltda. Ing.
Electromechanical Engineering: ECG. Ing. Roberto Donadío.
General Contractors: Ing. Marcos Charpantier.
Photography: Fernando Alda

Status of the project