Thrive on Limbo

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About the project
Thrive on limbo is a place that allows coming asylum seekers to have a standard and to fulfill life during their limbo period. Here, they are provided with opportunities to learn a new language, a profession or keep making their previous career. Importantly, this project aims at giving refugees a sense of dignity rather than keeping them doomed and inactive in this period, a place where hope blossoms. The project locates in Athens, Greece. The project design is developed based on cost-effective and self-sustained methods in terms of the applied material, the building format, and facilities compatible with the local climate and natural environment. The most prominent features of the project are mud bricks as material that makes with an easy construction method. Thrive on limbo is a multi-functional project wherein buildings and landscapes complement each other for an environmentally sustainable and socially just place of living.

Athens, Greece

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Applicant and author of the project
Seyedsina Seyedi: «I am a 31-year-old architect. I have experience working as an architect for over six years in architecture offices. In recent years I have participated in several architecture competitions and earned some achievements. Recently, I graduated with honors from the Polytechnic University of Milan in sustainable architecture and landscape design.»


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