Timbues Technical School 712

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The proposal for this school consists of thinking about it as well as a space educational, as a space that can, during idle hours, serve the Timbues community. In this way, the urban approach consists of placing the smallest program and more private uses (administrative, classrooms and workshops) in relation to the existing constructions completing the block and generating a narrow link with the new space destined for the police station. The administrative sector,consolidates and gives life to Roca Street, placing classrooms and workshops inside theproject seeking N orientation and a double lighting and ventilation frontin relation to an expansive green yard.
For their part, the areas that we consider most public of the program and possible use outside of school hours,They are presented as a large piece in relation to the boulevard that, through its uses, scale and transparencies are a call for the community.

Timbues, Santa Fe, Argentina

Project design year

Castelleani — Grivarello Bernabe — Losada Architects. Argentina associated architects for the development of competitions.

Authors of the project
Arqs. Federico Castellani, Mauro Grivarello Bernabe, Leonardo Losada

Commune of Timbues

Status of the project
Conceptual design