Tiny Cabin en las Eólicas

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
The project was comitioned by a young couple, who were looking for a cozy refuge to spend their weekends with their children. The property is located in the mountains, in the central valley of Costa Rica.
As a design team, we proposed a project with simple geometry and discreet materials, but at the same time very honest.
We made a contrast, using dark elements on the outside and wood inside the building, generating a warm atmosphere on the inside.
An important guide for the design was the balance between a sheltered space, which at the same time enjoys the beautiful views. We achieved it through the windows of the social area and the mezzanine, which frame the view, while integrating the exterior and interior.

San José, Santa Ana, Salitral, Costa Rica

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Applicant and authors of the project
Casalvolone Architecture.
Founded in 2008, Casalvolone Architecture has specialized in the design of residential projects, using raw material as its signature.
Project by Arq. Franco Casalvolone Barguil, Arq. Jorge González Ureña.

Other participants
Contractor: PARCO Constructora.
Interior design: Bruno Casalvolone
Structural engineering: S3 Ingenieros
Electromechanical engineering: Ing. Alessandro García
Photograph: Andrés García Lachner