Tiss New Town

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The heat and humidity of the region and the wind direction as the main factors formed the texture of the region.
We tried to balance the humidity and heat in the area by creating full and empty spaces in the direction of the prevailing wind, shells that reflect sunlight and urban canopies with a native shape and appearance.
Focus on indigenous architecture including Modularity of spaces and prefabricated with local materials which provides the basics of simple living and cost reduction and enables ease of execution in the initial design.In addition, these factors create the ability to expand the collection.
The use of local materials such as wood, mats and clay in the main structure and facade shells along with planting native date palms in semi-open spaces created a contextual and indigenous architecture.

Baluchestan, Iran

Project design year

Faraman Group

Author of the project
Marjan Farzian


Other participants
3D modeling & design colleagues: Marjan Zare Dehnavi, Arya Bajravani, Sima Kheyri

Status of the project
Working drawings