“Mark on the Map” Parlor Pavilion

Best Constructed Public Building or Facility

About the project
The parlor pavilion is a part of the “Mark on the Map” hotel, designed by RHIZOME. Functions of the hotel are assigned to independent blocks, and the pavilion works as a lobby, a bar, a library, and a live site. Key materials are glass and wood, helping the building to blend into the environment.
Internal design presents neutral surfaces and minimalistic furniture. Laconism, absence of color highlights or extravagant elements move the focus from designer solutions to the atmosphere itself and things happening within.
The parlor pavilion has a multipurpose flat roofing that can be used as a sightseeing platform, a sun-lounge, and an outside summer bar.

Zaozernaya Street, site 12, Priozersk, the Leningrad Region, Russia

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Submitter and authors
RHIZOME, group of St. Petersburg-based architects.