Tohid Apartments

Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

About the project
Green spaces in the courtyards and on the building facades and roofs could be effective in improving the quality of life both on the building scale and on the urban scale.
The current “infill” residential typology requires major reconsideration to improve the living environment of the inhabitants. In this project, the flower boxes on the facade not only organize the interior spaces based on a modular grid, but also transform the facade into a vertical garden.
The use of different materials was minimized in order to create a homogeneous and harmonized mass in the urban scenery. Therefore, the entire building facade was covered by traditional brick with green-blue glazed bricks on the flower boxes to put more emphasize on this vertical landscape. Mechanical equipment were placed in the space under the flower boxes, making the best of this otherwise useless space.

Tohid St./Saadat Abad St., Tehran, Iran

Project implemented in

Applicant and authors of the project
Hooba Design Group
Architect in Charge — Hooman Balazadeh
Project Architect — Davood Raeesi
Phase 2 & Detail Design — Bahram Afsari
Design Team — Alireza Bagheri, Mona Razavi, Saman Soleimaniha

Other participants
Physical Model — Mehran Alinezhad
Client — Danak Economic & Engineering Group
Photo Credit — Parham Taghioff