Toquilla House

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The architectural project of the cabin-house inspired by the Ecuadorian toquilla straw hat is characterized by its modern and spacious design, with a double height that creates a feeling of spaciousness and fluidity when walking. The structure is inspired by the shape and texture of the traditional hat, with curved and organic lines that harmoniously integrate with the environment.
Native materials from the coast of Ecuador are used to build the house, giving it a unique character and a connection to the local landscape. These materials may include bamboo, palm wood, guadua cane and other natural resources abundant in the region.
The interior design of the house prioritizes comfort and functionality, with open and bright spaces that invite relaxation and contemplation. The aim is to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere, where residents can enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Manta, Manabí, Ecuador

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Jorge Jonathan Panchi Blacio

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