Towards the Sun

Best Project of Public Space by Student

About the project
At the House with a Lion, there is a two-level deck that literally lets you float above the ground, It can be used to reconsider actions, thoughts and senses. At the ground level, people explore the space through material and social activities. This level comprises a museum, a children’s playground, a summer cafe and an existing cultural centre. The above-the-ground level invites to see things through the prism of sense and consideration. On the way to the second level, there is a sight-seeing platform that outlooks the museum, and as the structure is curved, you can’t help but see the House with a Lion now and then, which is the centerpiece of the site. In the end of the way, there is Sun Orb, an art object that all the visitors finally get to.

Popovka Village, Saratov Region, Russia

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Yekaterina Putrolainen, architecture student at St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Design