Trails School

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The project for this nursery and preschool, located in the city of São Paulo, proposed the creation of a set of gardens, courtyards and open areas connected and easily accessible for students.
The vertical circulation system is developed, primarily, by ramps. The slight slope of the site was used to create half-ramps that connect, in each section, one floor of each block.
Along the path, a set of free spaces were created. On the lower level there is a covered courtyard connected to a garden located at the back. On the ground floor, there is another covered courtyard between the main entrance and the central garden. On the other levels, a series of collective spaces are interconnected to the circulations. At the end of the ramp, a small sports court, a playground and a vegetable garden occupy the roof of the back block.
The idea was to transform the ramp into a path that connects different moments of learning, like a spiral of knowledge.

São Paulo — SP, Brazil

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eam _ estúdio de arquitetura mutável

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Conceptual design


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