Best Project of Public Space by Student

About the project
The diverse of society Is a commonplace thing in modern world. The society differences are demanded to be respect and complement each other. However, there is also a lot of people who think difference is about something that isn”t have, want to have, or must have. It can create social gap because people keep distancing/ excluded itself from others. With the diverse of background and people tend to exclude each other, but the circumstance of situation demanded people live side by side. There is a need to connect between this difference. In this case, Transpace is designed to reduce the social gap that happened in Ciumbuleuit, Bandung. Transpace is expected to be an intermediary to reduce the existence of social gaps. In this case, Transpace will become an emptiness as if it can be invisible and blend with the surrounding nature. In other word, Transpace will be presented in the midst of society without being realized as an architecture which still has it’s own limit between surrounding.

Kolam Street, Ciumbeleuit Utara, Bandung, Indonesia

Project design year

Extra visual materials

Applicant and author of the project
David Chow, industrious architecture student in Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. In his 6th semester, he started to freelance and accomplish some real projects and keep participated in architecture competition. He had already participated in 16 architecture competition and 8 of his project competition had been awarded (from nomination to 1 st place). One of his team project (Transpace) was awarded in 2nd place in national competition that held by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

Other participants
Letishia F.S. Pereira: assistant 3d modeller, research, conceptor & poster layouter.
Eva Aprilia Rosidiana: assistant 3d modeller, research, conceptor & post processing.

Status of the project
Conceptual design