Tri-bridge in a residence

Best Implemented Reconstruction Project

About the project
Serving as an art installation within this residential project, the design addresses and resolves several challenges. We proposed constructing a small bridge to connect three rooms on the second floor within a semi-outdoor space, elevated at 7.7 meters. We envisioned this connecting bridge to infuse a modern, artistic flair into the building, fostering a cohesive gathering area. Remarkably, the bridge's structural design boasts an ultra-slim profile, with a thickness of just 6mm, sidestepping the bulkiness often associated with concrete or truss structures. Furthermore, the overall construction cost for this «Tri-bridge» is notably low. Its design is a fusion of modern computer-aided techniques, industrial-era craftsmanship, and contemporary artistic elements.


Project implementation year

Project website

Atelier ZZ (in Chinese it means On-Construction Architecture Studio) was founded in Beijing by Zhang Bo and Zhang Qingfan.We have been exploring the integration of Chinese courtyards and gardens into the design of modern architecture. In the practice of transforming traditional materials and space into modern space, we have accumulated some experience and complete language transformation through abstract methods such as «paradigm, material, mountains, fantasy space» and specific feelings.

Author of the project
Atelier ZZ, XinY consultants

Other participants
XinY consultants, the tri-bridge structural designer.
Linchun, on-site project supervision.
Other participants in the design process: Su zeyu, Xie Huiyang, Li Jian, Wu Zhiqiang, Hao Weiqing.
Atelier ZZ, photographer.

Status of the project