Trust Home

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
The inception of the project was concurrent with the owners being blessed with their firstborn child seven years ago. The project’s concept, like the new family member, was born and evolved throughout these seven years. As the client could not fund the construction steadily, the challenges that the architect/construction manager was facing were turned into opportunities to improve the design every step of the way. The form was shaped with a simple cuboid which allows the implementation of spatial hierarchy through the separation of certain spaces and activities on different levels. By combining a double-height and semi-transparent cube, which serves as an interrelated space for family gatherings and living area, with the original cuboid,the architect was able to create a dynamic relation between different parts of the house utilizing natural light, yard view, materials, and proportion. To create a more lively experience for the family, every space is designed to be filled with light.

Margh, Esfahan, Iran

Project implementation year

Applicant and author of the project
Azita Etminani Esfahani was born in 1985 in Esfahan, Iran. She holds a Master’s degree in Architecture & has been practicing architecture since 2006. She is the founder of Naqsh Engar Atelier & has been a RA in Iran for over a decade. Her most recent accomplishments include 3rd place in the 2A competition in the residential category in 2022 for “Trust Home” & Official selected project in LICC 2022 for the same project.

Other participants
Photos: Kourosh Dabbaghi
Graphic & 3D: Mahbobe Jafari, Hosein Mohamadkhani

Status of the project


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