«Tryst With Donald Judd»

Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art

About the project
The programme brief for interior space design of reception area within an educational institute «Pragya Niketan School» at Sasaram in the state of Bihar, India called for designing a welcoming, pleasant and minimalist interiors environment which included an accessible reception space. In order to maximize utility of space and ensure easy accessibility, we were convinced that a minimalism inspired interior space design approach would best serve the objectives. With this clarity , we went about exploring possibilities for adapting, appropriating and integrating a few of Minimalist Artist Donald Judd's so called «Specific objects» as he addresses these art installations. After identifying a set of these «Objects» we proceeded to further strategically place them within spatial environment of the reception area. An implied dialogue was thus generated between these «Objects» placed within the field of space which helped us to establish a coherent language of expression and representation.

Pragya Niketan School, Khanipur, P.O. NAD, Via Takiya, Rohtas, Sasaram, Bihar, India

Project implementation year

Applicant and author of the project
Nitish Kesari has completed his Bachelor's in Interior design from School of environmental design and architecture, Navrachana University, Baroda. He has participated in several design competitions including the Special mention award winning «Golden Trezzini Award» for the Fashion school design competition. He was employed as a junior designer with The Red Studio in Baroda since his graduation. He has co curated exhibition «Constructions» Art works and installations along with the Red Studio.

Other participants
Contractor/Photographer: The Mango Space, multi-disciplinary practice which undertakes a wide range of architectural and interior projects from residential to cultural to institutional design. The ethos of Mango Space lies in delivering sustainable design solutions with great sensitivity to materials, site context, detailing and cost effectiveness.
Assistant Designer: Priti Dongani, drawing assistant at The Mango Space.