Best Project of Private Residence

About the project (provided by the applicant)
Resting place for 2 people in the heart of the mountain without borders. The concept of the project is to design and empathize more with nature. Twoka is derived from the name of a bird in the north of Iran.
One of the characteristics of this bird is having a beautiful orange beak. The design of Twoka residence is like a beak in the heart of the mountain rocks. Twoka is designed for accommodation of 2 people.
The use of unbreakable glass material has been used in the building. The walls of this building have been used from the rocks of the mountain itself, which shows the empathy of man with nature.
Twoka design has brought the least interference in the ecosystem and destruction of the area, which can show the combination of architecture and nature.
This project has the least destruction of the ecosystem.
The most difficult stage was in the design of the structure, which was the best method and the least destruction in the ecosystem considered by the design group.

Mazandaran province, Ramsar city, Iran

Project design year

Arvid design and construction office was established in July 2022 in the city of Ramsar and is engaged in the field of architectural design and structural design. This company is engaged in the design of modern projects and interior design. This is a private design company.

Author of the project
Arvid office

Other participants
Atefeh Ranjbar (structural design)

Status of the project
Conceptual design

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