Ultramontane Tavertet — eco hotel at the hillside

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The hotel is designed in the tourist sector of Avenc Mountains, in a picturesque place not far from Tavertet Village. Eight 76-square-meters suits, a restaurant with a BBQ zone, and panoramic terraces will let the guests feast on serenity, fresh mountain air, and stunning views of the valley.  The building of the hotel is integrated into the environment, and the small decorative pond makes the verging part of the building seem light, as if it floats over the steep. The key objective of the project is to offer reclusive and comfortable premium-class recreation for those who are not fond of mountain climbing.

The name of the hotel is formed from the Latin term ‘ultramontanus,’ which can be translated as ‘above the mountains’ or ‘a person living in the glen.’

Tavertet, Barcelona, Spain 

Project design year

Applicants and author of the project
Maxim Rymar, Alexey Shangin

Project status
Design concept