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About the project
The strategy of this project was based on the centrality of the adjacent spaces, the goal was to place semi-open terrace spaces for residents who have lost the pleasant feeling of houses with courtyards while living in an apartment space.
Enclosing these spaces with semi-open movable blades regulates the privacy of this space as well as the amount of ventilation formed in it.
The composition of the skyline of this project with its greenery and tall trees gives a better appeal and definition to the external face of the project, which has a great impact on the acceptance of a project in the public mind.
In general, with the formation and construction of a building, part of the greenness on the surface of the earth's horizon will be lost with the resulting density, trying to compensate for this issue during the construction process and providing a design solution is very necessary and important, which is less in most projects. It has been emphasized.


Project design year

Avat architectural office

Author of the project
Avat architectural office

Status of the project
Conceptual design