VA House

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About the project
The main challenge of this project was the existing building structure. The project’s most important vision is to reduce the side that involved rain and wind by increasing the volume on the northwest side so that the construction turns its back to the wind and rain in cold seasons. We designed a linear courtyard in the middle of the first floor that connected the north to south of the project and formed natural ventilation due to the high humidity. This covered corridor was controlled by smart windows for cold seasons, and in hot seasons, by opening the bedroom’s doors to this linear yard we have natural ventilation and suitable wind. The problem of humidity was solved with the flow of air. This space will play the role of a seasonal terrace. This idea was carried out on the floor of the project by using “Nakash” design in such a way that by creating an empty space between the foundation and the ground floor and passing air through it, the rise of surface moisture is prevented.

Namak Abroud, Mazandaran province, Iran 

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Gelan Architects — Mohammad Kaafy, Mahtab Hasani.
Gelan Architects is a leading architecture firm based in, specializing in sustainable and contextually sensitive designs. Since our founding in 2018, we have worked tirelessly to develop creative solutions that balance functionality, beauty, and environmental responsibility. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who share a passion for creating timeless structures that enhance the built landscape without compromising the natural world.

AuthorS of the project
Gelan Architects

Status of the project
Under construction