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About the project
Population growth and economic pressure are factors that cause a lacking quality of life in urban areas. This phenomenon encourages urban communities to be able to live together. Many attempts have been done to respond to this phenomenon, one of which is the Kommunalka concept that developed in Russia during the Soviet Union. However, without proper adjustments, these communities face difficulties in adjusting to their new environment.
The concept of Vibrance is a shared living space where residents do not just live side by side but live together. One of the implementations of this idea is intermediary space modules between tenants. Each space module is spread vertically and horizontally accommodating different communal functions and stimulating tenants to interact with each other. Simultaneously, these modules create negative space in the mass which gives access to natural light and airflow. The objective is to create a new building typology that supports communal life.

Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia

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Agnate Design, PT Agnate Grup Indonesia, business consulting company in the creative field that provides end-to-end design and production services. The full-length services offered are divided into two groups: (i) branding and architectural design; and (ii) post-design production and construction.

Authors of the project
Bryan Nurman Zachrie, Orry Junior

MULIA Glassblock

Status of the project
Conceptual design